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10 Things you shouldn’t do on Facebook

10 Things you shouldn’t do on Facebook: Many of us are tired of seeing the activities of our friends on Facebook!! Facebook is the most popular social network for more than 1 billion active users. By utilizing this great popularity, many people spread their scavenging products or projects by using your money to spread to the market of Facebook, which is doing more with your home page filled!!

If we do not stop ourselves from doing the following 10 things, you will see an event in the future when your friend will not hesitate to jump from your account’s ship. Should we stop these activities immediately with all our friends on Facebook!

10 Things you shouldn’t do on Facebook

10 Things you shouldn't do on facebook

But before starting these words it is necessary to have something to say. This tune is not intended to hurt anyone or hurt him, but it is written only to let him know. If anybody is shocked or injured due to this tune, only the BD Jobs authorities will not be responsible. Using Facebook since 2007. Writing this tune not only from novelty but from many people’s opinion.

Slowly tagged photos

Stop tagging your photo in your friend who you do not know at all. When you tag a photo with your friend, you must have a photo that has pictures of that friend. Many people are seen to be seen or smiled by people who have fun or just saved all the friends of a photo list and tagged them in the photo. It’s unusual! You’re disturbing some people while doing this yourself, unknowingly. Due to this, the notification often burns a red light which is the main reason for disturbing. Many people untangle themselves from that photo without it. If you do that, it looks bad to see on Facebook. So it is best not to do it.

Cross tuning from Twitter

We always like to finish a lot of work in one task and more in social media. We like to make any work a little smaller. We use Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc., and tune the stuff in the same way, and here Facebook can automatically send your tweets to Twitter without going to Facebook. If you reduce your Facebook tunes by using a third-party app, it basically means that you will be able to leave Facebook and get on Twitter, which shows no disrespect to Facebook. I think the Facebook work on this side is wrong. One of my friend’s tweets on Twitter and it automatically goes to Facebook because he does not have to use Facebook anymore. I did not like it

Give yourself a tune of yourself

Many people are seen to be doing this: Suppose, he took a picture of the newly bought clothes and shared it with FB, after a while he himself liked his film. Many like him in his own film, News Feed, his picture looms in front of everyone or to show people that this picture is more like. When you share your pictures, it is obvious to you that you shared it and when you like it in the picture you like it, you want to get it out of the way that your hymen data is out in the manifestation. Do not do anything that is unusual for others.

Invite new page

See, everyone needs to create a page for their business, but stop inviting your friends to that Facebook page. Instead, you can write all the interesting articles and pictures you have in the page and share it on your profile (which help your friends see it, and if it is interesting then they will follow the page.

It will be multiplied and the price will be the same for everybody, would you say you have given the invert option? You can create a page and invite it, but the truth is that in most cases your friends will not like your page which you may not want. If you want to like friends without good writing on the page, then it is like asking for alms. Do not do this.

App Request Sent

Many people can see that nowadays they send an app request without using the apps or games. In the case of a slow net of Bangladesh, it is impossible for 80% of net users to play these games. Moreover, most of the Facebook users in this country use it with mobile, before thinking about sending an application request, it should be thought that the person who sent the request is actually using the speed net like the app or the game, otherwise, it is worthless to send you. So do this thing, but think about it.

Friend Suggest Sent

Basically, this suggestion service should be used when you know two friends who are not on each other’s friends list (though they are friends of each other) on Facebook. But now many people are suggesting a lot of strangers, which many spammers do. By doing so, they completed the first step of entering that victim’s account. The person whom you thought may think that you are doing this work for any other person if he does not know you. Many people forbid this to others and dislike themselves.

Adding everyone to mass grouping

This happens to most people. Those friends who have unfamiliar friends with this problem are more prone to this problem. Almost every day you get involved in a group without having to underestimate your desire. You do not want to be sure that when you use Facebook, you will see a red light in your notification bar a bit later, because of the group’s update. If this is done then leave the group slowly and keep it aside and you can not add it anymore.

Adding all to the message

Many people add that message to many people when sending messages. Stop adding many people to sending messages if they are not close to you. In doing so, the customer is disturbed by the sender and does not take the message seriously. If you have to say something that everyone needs to say then send it to each other separately.

Invite to the laughing event

On Facebook, the invitation means an invitation to come to a fair – it may be Daoyat, iftar party etc. And if such an event is invited, the name of the name “Let everyone love and live”. So, how does it feel, it means that the event is not understood, or even if he understood the ghost on the head at that moment. This type of work is done by Facebook’s friends started getting bad ideas about you. This type should not work.

The overly social button on the blog

Many of us use our social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to make us popular on our own blog, using the follow button, which is a great way to snatch the blog, along with the blog’s admin.

You should not do anything that is bad to look at. In this case, ads of various products and social media buttons are in the same place. All people search for the things they need, so use these buttons in such a way that the visitors will like to click on them. You can understand it otherwise!

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