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Speed up your computer | 12 Best Computer Tips

go ‘run’ – enter prefetch (Enter a new window and delete all the folders and files.

Enter go ‘run’ – temp link. Now delete temporary files.

go ‘run’ -% temp% and press enter. Now delete temporary files.

Click on the right mouse button on each drive and click on Tarapur Property. Click Disk Cleanup. I hope your computer will increase a lot. More useful for older computers.

Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete or right-clicking on the taskbar and clicking on the task manager. Then click Processes. You can see a list of many programs. Select programs that are not currently using and click End Process and close it. Restart your computer, if it is a problem, and if there is any problem with the operating system.

Speed up your computer | 12 Best Computer Tips

Defragment and disk cleanup once per week. (1. Click start – all programs – accessories – system utility – Defragment drive utility 2. Click start – all programs – accessories – disk cleanup)

Have two partitions on your hard disk and install in seconds all large Softwares (like PSP, Photoshop, 3DS Max etc). Keep your C Drive as empty as possible for Windows so that you can use your C drive as virtual memory after Windows RAM is full.

Do not open any application until your PC is fully booted.

Do not use too large file size image as desktop wallpaper. Do not keep extra shortcuts on the desktop. You know that every shortcut used on the desktop is up to 500 bytes of RAM.

After closing any application, refresh your desktop by pressing F5, which will remove unused files from your PC’s RAM.

Sometimes the PC is slow when the PC is less RAM. Increasing virtual memory can speed up some speed. For this, right-click on the mouse and go to properties-e. Now click on advance and click on performance’s settings. Click on advance again. Now click on change and when the new window comes, enter the initial size and maximum size of your desired size and click on set and press ok. However, at the initial size, your PC’s RAM is twice the size of the RAM and four times the maximum size of the RAM.

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