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Top 10: Dangerous Android apps on google play store for Android Mobile

Those of you who use Android Apps can see some annoying ads while running some apps.

 Which is the reason

Automatically installs some adware programs when the Internet connection is turned on android mobile. Also, there are several google play store apps that we install, the adware program is also installed through them. That’s why these annoying notifications come out. So let us know about some such apps (which are quite popular) and refrain from installing them.

Dangerous Android apps

 And if those apps are installed on our android mobile, then uninstall them.

We will now know about android apps that contain suspicious scripts. Due to which these apps use illegal advertisements when the mobile phone becomes slower. Another thing is that these apps are not easily uninstalled, so their icons are hidden for them. So go to the settings of the mobile and click on Apps Management to find apps.

Smart Sweep, Real Time Booster, File Transfer Pro, Network Guard, Lady Flashlight, Voice Recorder Pro, Free WiFi Pro, Call Recorder, Call Recorder Pro, Real Time Cleaner, Brighttest LED Flashlight-Allmite, Super Flashlight Light, Wallpaper HD, Cool Flashlight, WiFi Security Master, Free WiFi Connect, Brighttest Flashlight, Call Recording Manager, Smart Free WiFi, Britest LED Flashlight Pro, Master WiFi Key, Infocus Turbo 5, Dr. Clean Light.

There are more such apps, which contain malicious scripts like the above mentioned apps. So, after installing any app you want to identify such malicious apps, take a look at it.

Then you can easily understand whether the app is harmful. So okay, like today I finished the post here. But do not forget to tell us how it happened.

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