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Skills needed to design / development Blogger Template?

Many people are interested in creating blogger templates but they do not know what to know about designing/developing Blogger templates. With blogger and a lot of good quality, sites can be made if they know. Today I will say what skills are needed To design/develop a blogger template.

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What are the skills needed to design/development blogger template?

To design template, you will need to know some computer programs. Without the promotion, you will never be able to design a template for Blogger. You will need to know the following programs.

  • HTML: You must know HTML or HTML 5. Because the main program of every site is HTML. You can never design/develop a site without it. So first learn HTML and use www.w3schools.com to learn it.
  • CSS: A CSS or Cascading Stylesheet is used to make a site’s design attractive. Without a CSS, you will never be able to beautify a site. Without it, the design will never be beautiful. So learn it quickly.
  • XML: Because Blogger does not support PHP language, you have to use XML. You have to have a rough idea about this.
  • JavaScript / Geeky: To add additional features, you must know this. Apart from this, it is not possible to design a good quality blogger template. To be a professional developer, both of them must know.
  • Photoshop: Every professional developer or designer first designs their template in Photoshop and then process it. So if you want to be a professional developer or a designer, you have to have good skills in Photoshop.

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Learn where from

I asked you to learn so many things that you may think now, from where you will learn it, you do not have to think that I will give you the name of the site to learn it.

  • www.w3schools.com
  • www.jquery.com
  • www.codeschool.com
  • www.lynda.com
  • www.tutsplus.com
  • www.code.org
  • www.codecademy.com
  • www.youtube.com

Hope you will get a lot of work. If it works for you, do not forget to share. Be nice.

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