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Free WordPress Theme Download | WordPress Premium Theme

We often ask questions from many, free for the website or use the WordPress Premium Theme/Free WordPress Theme. What kind of advantages are they? If you have such questions, then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of themes.

We have already said that you will not have to spend any money for the free theme. These themes are available on an official WordPress website. We do not recommend downloading this free theme from any other source.

The biggest advantage of these themes is free, it is absolutely free! Many people can remember, why are they able to create a theme by using so much trouble, while others are selling premium themes. What is the mystery Many people think that the quality of the free theme is bad? The idea is absolutely wrong.

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Strict Review Process

  • Free WordPress themes have a better value. WordPress’s official website has all the themes that are selected through a solid review process.
  • Prior to joining these themes, the theme review team has been tested on numerous topics and after using them the themes are included on the website. If you want you can find out about this theme review process.
  • After many experiments, the themes are found in the WordPress directory. For example, WordPress features, quality HTML, and CSS, security, privacy etc.

So why are these themes used to be used in the free?

There are several reasons behind this.

  • Through this process, those theme developers have increased their skills further. Because the theme review team examines these codes thoroughly and advises them to make the theme more useful.
  •   Also, through this process, many users receive suggestions for better feedback and improvements.
  • On the other hand, those theme developers who have gained more reputation and use them as their own portfolio. Later on, they get work from different clients to create custom themes.

The Difficulty of Free WordPress Theme

There are some problems with some of these themes. One problem with one person is the same. Here we tried to highlight some common problems together:

  • Limited Support Options – Those who create free themes provide support through WordPress forums but they are not forced to provide this support.
  • Limited Features and Functionality – Although this free theme is created by adding all features, however, it does not provide additional features such as creating buttons, using shortcodes, create landing pages etc. at times.
  • Not so Unique- Free these themes are used on different websites, so your website will not be unique design. Because of some restrictions, you can not change its Outlook even if you want.
  • No Obligation – Free theme does not have any kind of confirmation. If there is a problem then you have to remove it.

If you have used a free theme and do not have any specific functionality (which you need), please do not give a bad rating. You are not spending any money on this. Your rating may not use another theme for this rating.

Benefits of Premium WordPress Themes

These themes are available from various popular marketplaces and theme-shops. Premium Themes This is the biggest advantage, with more features and customization options. To attract clients a lot, theme-shops always try to offer more features at lower prices.

  • Support and Updates – Premium themes provide regular updates and support. Most of the themes will get you lifetime updates.
  • More Unique Because these themes are rarely used on the website so they need money to buy premium themes. So you can use your premium theme to make your website completely separate. Here, you can customize them according to the needs.

Disadvantages of Premium WordPress Themes

Not all premium themes are perfect. Some common problems are being presented to you-

  • Poor Code- Sometimes you can buy a good premium theme but its coding value is not good. Because of which you may not be able to use many plugins. Because it is high, these themes like WordPress are not tested through a strict review process.
  • Too many features – the theme developer often uses many types of unnecessary features in their theme to sell. You may never use these features, but this additional feature will slow down your website.

Where to get Premium WordPress Themes?

The easiest way to purchase a PIM theme is to buy from a reliable, We are consulting as a trusted theme-shop

Free WordPress Theme Download

I bought a WordPress theme that I purchased for free, for your convenience:

Live Demo  Download Here

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