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How to Increase Page Impressions and Traffic on Blogs or Websites?

Google AdSense Page Impression Key Increase Page Impressions Let’s say the first thing about Google AdSense Page Impression comes out. For this, I started with Google AdSense Page Impression. Primarily Page Impression means how many times visitors visit your blog and how many post/pages they visit. If you have used ads from Google AdSense or any other company, then this issue is very important to you.

Because if you have a lot of visitors and a page view in your blog, you will not be successful without using any type of advertisement. For this reason, you have to have good quality content on your blog to get plenty of visitor and page view in the blog. When you write unique and good quality content on the blog, you will not have to ask anyone to visit the blog.

The content of your blog will bring you a lot of visitor and page view from the search engine. In order to increase page impression and visitor. we have highlighted some of the important things below.

Good quality content: I repeatedly advise everyone that blogs are always good for writing unique content. Because the blogger is easy to get a visitor and the main content is the good quality content. When you use the new unique content on the blog. This content will bring visitors to your blog. And when visitors get good quality content on your blog, they will be able to visit your blog again.

If you use content on your blog by copying content from another blog you will not be able to succeed.

Navigation Managers: Regardless of any type of blog/website, please attach a menu bar. Add Label Link to the Top Elements of Your Blog in Menu bar By doing this. Visitors can easily understand what is the content of your blog. As a result, your blog’s Page Impression will be growing easily.

Homepage summary: This is an easy way to get home page impression on any blog. You can give a little bit of the summary of posts on your blog’s homepage and add the Read More button to the rest of the page. This will increase the Page View of the blog.

Improving the Load Time of the Blog: If your blog is slow, you will not get a visitor and page view in the blog anyhow. Because if the blog takes longer than the load, the visitors will feel annoyed and get out of your blog. Regarding the condition of internet speed in Bangladesh, it can understand what happens if the blog is slow.

Adding Popular Posts Widget: This is another important way to keep readers on your blog. When visitors enter your blog via a post from a search engine, it will only want to visit your popular posts. You can add it to the sidebar of your blog.

Related Posts Adding: Be sure to add it below your blog post. When a reader of your blog reads a post, the browser automatically chooses the post to show such related posts. As a result, readers may also like these posts. Therefore, it is also an important way to engage readers on your blog.

Adding Random Posts Widget: There are some visitors who visit your blog every day. So they would be annoyed to see a type of post. If you add Random Posts Widget, it will show irrelevant posts on your blog. In this, the reader will get more ideas about your blog post.

Adding a Search Box: In the blog, definitely add a nice Search Box to a good quality. Because when the reader finds something of his favorite on your blog, he will want to search and search all the posts. If you do not have a search box in your blog, then it will be disturbed.

Create Permalink in the Post: When you post a post. Previous posts related to this post can be made permalink in Anchor text form. As a result, when the poster is reading your post, you can read the previous post easily. As a result, your blog’s Page Impression will continue to grow.

Participate in Social Media Share and Forum: With a new post. The post will be shared on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can also share your post link by answering the questions in any other good forum related to your blog. This will increase the visitor to your blog from those sites.

Clear background and beautiful font: Avoid using black color background and opaque font in the blog. You will use a color background and font so that the content of the blog can be easily read and read. For Bangla blogs, a font can be posted to solve the problem, so that the reader can easily solve the problem of the font.

Advertising: In the hope of higher profits, do not use blogs where there is a poor low-quality advertisement. This will cause readers to feel annoyed and vice versa. If you use exact size advertisements in certain places, your income will increase and readers will not be bothered.

The last word: If you follow all the above posts well then your blog’s visitor and Page Impression will certainly increase. And those who are using Google AdSense ads, the increase of Page Impression of their blog means an increase in revenue. But the content of the blog is at the root of everything.

The blog must have unique content of good quality. Cannot use any content copied in any way.

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