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About Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is engaging with our everyday life If you do not visit Facebook on a bar from sleep, then do not let it go. And this famous social networking site was created by computer programmer Mark Zuckerberg . Now he is our very familiar face. He studied at the University of Harvard in Harvard in 2000, and after all the history But maybe we know very little about this famous person. And so today we will tell you some unknown info about Facebook founder “Zuckerberg”. So let’s take the idea of ​​Zuckerberg’s information (unknown).

Mark’s full name is “Mark Eliot Zuckerberg”. He was born on 14th May 1984.

young mark zuckerberg
young mark zuckerberg
  • Zuckerberg became billionaire at the age of 23 only. Which is the record of becoming billionaire at the youngest in history.
  • Currently Zuckerberg’s wealth is approximately $ 51 billion. He is number 6 among the richest people on earth.
  • Zuckerberg will donate at least 50% of his wealth before his death.
  • Zuckerberg is married to his longtime friend “Priscilla Chan”. But they did not invite their relatives to marry, they told everyone that they were going to celebrate the Presilar’s Graduation. But after everyone goes to understand what is going on. The main purpose of this plan was to surprise everyone.
  • mark zuckerberg family
    Mark Zuckerberg family
  • Zuckerberg learned ‘Mandrine’ language in 2010 so that he can speak with his wife’s family in their language.
  • Currently they have a girl named “Maxima Chan Zuckerberg”
mark zuckerberg all family
mark zuckerberg family
  • Mark and Priscilla will donate 99% of their Facebook shares. Which is currently worth about 48 billion dollars.
  • Zuckerberg is a billionaire. He is CEO of Facebook But if you know how much money he received from Facebook for his work, you might be surprised. His salary is only $ 1 or 80 per year.
  • We do not see ads like other on Facebook. Because, Zuckerberg believes the ads is very annoying for Facebook users. The Yahoo, MTV came to sell ads to Zuckerberg, but Zuckerberg did not accept it.
  • A movie has been created in Hollywood about Zuckerberg and Facebook, whose name is ‘The Social Network’. In the film Zuckerberg played ‘Jessie Eisenberg’ But Zuckerberg did not like this movie much, according to him, much of the original story of his life has been omitted in this movie, and some addition has been added. However, if you want to know something about Facebook and Zuckerberg, you should see this movie.
  • Zuckerberg left the university before completing his studies from Harvard University. His decision was to give Facebook more time.
  • Zuckerberg studied at Harvard University on Facebook’s lunch from his hostel room.
  • When he used to go to Zuckerberg High School, he spun a mobile app that is seen by the famous company Microsoft, AOL. Then those companies want to buy their app and offer them jobs and give them jobs. But he did not accept any of his. And he has spread that app on the internet for free.
  • Mark’s parents, when he was in school, recruited a computer teacher at home for him. But a few days later, the teacher told that it was very uncomfortable for Mark to teach him, because Mark occasionally surrendered his teacher.
  • Mark Zuckerberg started making computer programs from a very young age. He made a program for his father’s dental office only when he was 12 years old. Whose name is ‘Zucknet’
mark zuckerberg
programmer mark zuckerberg
  • Mark Zuckerberg always came in a shirt with a t-shirt and came to the Facebook office. Asked about him, he said that he does not want to spend time with the needless to waste his time, and he wants to spend all of his time for the development of the Facebook community and the people of the world. So he always worn the same color t-shirt, so that the time would not be a waste of time thinking about wearing a color t-shirt.
  • Mark’s own home is in California. Whose current value is approximately 6 million dollars.
mark zuckerberg home
mark zuckerberg home
  • Mark Zuckerberg Red-green color palp As a result, Facebook’s theme and blue-white color. Because he sees the blue color better.
  • Mark took a big ‘challenge’ each year. And finish it. The 2016 Challenge is a total of 365 miles (365 days). But he has already finished the challenge.

mark zuckerberg running

  • Zuckerberg does not have any TV in his house, and there is no desire to keep him in the future. Because, he usually spent time working on the computer.
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