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Someone unfriended you on Facebook ? Find out easily

Someone unfriended you on Facebook: At present, Facebook is a popular way to create friendships. But sometimes when Facebook-friendliness also creates bitterness In that case, it is wise to unfriended a friend of unhappiness. In that way, you can also fall into the list of unsolicited Facebook subscribers. In that case, you can also unfollow your Facebook-friend. Facebook does not send any notification to you in all these cases. Unfinished friends who suddenly unframed you

Very easy to know who infrared you-

Someone unfriended you on Facebook

  • Open Google Chrome and right click on the three right-hand side of the document and go to ‘Settings’ option.
  • Click ‘Extensions’. At the bottom of the page, click ‘Get More Extensions’.
  • Enter the search box ‘unfriend finder’. In the search result, select the option ‘Add to Chrome’ next to the option. The extension will be added to your browser.
  • In order to use chrome in the normal way, log in to Facebook. Click on the undefined finder icon in the upper right corner. This extension will show you who has unfollowed you. Even newer people unoffered you, the notification will come to you. However, this extension will work only on the desktop version of Google Chrome. An extension cannot be added to this device on mobile.

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