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Tactics to write in the Exam Papers

Following tactics to write in the Exam Papers are very effective. The quality is verified only on the basis of the writing of the test. Despite being meritorious, there is a possibility of getting less number due to the lack of proper presentation of the test. Below are some rules to make the exam good.

Read the night before the exam
Pre-examination should not be studied overnight at night. Before starting a new topic, you should study Pubra reading. Due to many waking hours, there may be fatigue during examination and reducing fluency will be reduced.

Collect and take necessary exam equipment and take it to the examination center
Think of the necessary pen, pencil, sign pen, scale, calculator, entrance card, registration card, and other equipment approved for examination. Should be taken with extra pens etc. If there is a problem, you can work with others. If necessary check the equipment and take it to the test center.

Present at the right time:
20-25 minutes of the examination should be done in the center, and if the examination center is away, then there will be some extra time to come, if there is no problem in the way (janjat etc), then there will be no problem.

Draft margin is drawn
There is a need to do some work after giving the book and before the question is asked. The book will pull the margins well. Good to pull margins with a pencil. Margins can be identified without any scratches on the account. Many people add to the page book.

Read the full part of the question
After asking the question, the whole part should read the question. Though the questions seem difficult, it cannot be frustrated. I have found that the question seems difficult to read, and it seems easy to read.

Choose the question
Most of the exams have additional questions – it will be sorted out. The best-known answer question will be given priority. Again, to be able to choose one of the well-known two questions, we have to think that a higher number can be found in the answer to a question. There are good answers in the answer to the question of abstract ideas, mathematical reasoning or images. Also, if the time is short, then a question that is answered in a relatively short time should be sorted out. It’s good to start writing with short answer questions.

Time distribution:
An estimate of how often some questions will be answered based on the values and types of questions. Sometimes it is time to calculate the speed of writing. Writing a huge story of a question, there is more sorrow than not having to answer other questions!

Page Layout of exam papers:
• Sort nicely in general.
• No color can be used. Only black and blue ink pen can be used.
• Conversations should be fired by paragraphs.
• Maintain the standard of writing in the entire book. For example, the color of the question number of the question, the bottom of the headline, the right side of the array, the value of the empty part, etc. should be maintained in the entire table.
• Each question can be drawn to one / two marks below the answer so that the tester understands the end of the answer.

About the image:
• The picture must be drawn with a pencil.
• The beauty of the image can be hidden by scraping or repeatedly drawing the image.
• Mark the necessary parts, the image number, and the image should be written below the image.
• Inconsistent images cannot be given to the content.

Maintain the same speed
The same type of writing should be maintained. In the case of most students, initially, very slowly, the answer is written at the beginning and at the end, the handwriting becomes very ugly when it runs at rocket speed.

SSC Results Publication Website.

Tactics to write in the SSC Exam Papers

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